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WordPress has a reputation for being user friendly software. However, not every WordPress theme has customisation controls, or a choice of color schemes, which you can use to change the look of your website. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from amending the code of your WordPress theme yourself, to make the desired changes – unless you are an inexperienced coder, which is true of many webmasters. Enter CSS Hero, the plugin that lets you edit your theme live. Read on for our CSS Hero review.

CSSHero Review - CSS Hero Review - WordPress Customization Plugin

You can click anywhere on your webpage to extensively edit it live


Happily, some plugins on the market enable you to adjust the look of your website by altering the WordPress theme’s CSS, without changing the code yourself manually. With the best plugins, it is possible to amend the heading of a paragraph, or other element of a webpage, just by clicking on it. After this, you can use the visual editor tool to modify your site’s appearance. These CSS plugin editors greatly simplify the process of theme customization.

CSSHero Overview

CSSHero is a fairly new plugin, which has caught the attention of many WordPress users. After you install this plugin, editing WordPress themes becomes as easy as clicking on the part you wish to change, and then implementing the adjustments. The WordPress custom CSS editing occurs on your website’s front end, so you do not require any coding skills. Undoubtedly, technically challenged webmasters will benefit from this, while webmasters who can code will find that the plugin allows them to finish their designs quicker. Although the editing occurs on your website’s front end, website visitors will not be aware of the changes until you activate them.

  • Easy point and click interface
  • Test how it looks on different devices right from your desktop
  • Point and click color picker
  • 400+ fonts
  • Complex CSS like drop shadows, color gradients, and more with the click of a button
  • Export your CSS any time
  • Undo button and undo history
  • Easy to configure

Using the Plugin

Virtually every CSSHero review online comments on how easy the plugin is to use. All you have to do is look through the pages of your website, decide what you want to change, then click on whichever part you wish to edit. You can incorporate special design features, like shadow or hover effects, and play around with live background adjustments. Also, you can modify elements like padding and margins, and even select fonts straight from Google Fonts. It is possible to change the graphical display as well.

The CSSHero plugin enables you to preview your theme designs on several different sized screens, to fit smartphones and tablets. This is perfect for webmasters who work with responsive themes. Moreover, a detailed history of your editing is stored.


With CSS Hero intelligent color selection, you can personalize your theme by just clicking on a color. The plugin stores your recently used colors, which means that you do not need to search through the list of fonts to find the ones you used on other parts of your site. Numerous popular web glyphs and fonts are supported. The cross app color feature allows you to choose colors from different apps, such as Fireworks and Photoshop.


Once you have finished modifying your website, you click save and your changes are activated. That’s all there is to it. As well as reducing the time you have to spend photoshopping, the plugin can store preset designs for A versus B testing.

Supported Themes

Unless you know a bit of coding, CSS Hero will not work on every WordPress theme. Nonetheless, on the plugin website, you can easily see which themes are compatible prior to purchasing. Also, this website allows you to trial the plugin on your chosen theme. This means you can check that your website looks good across numerous screen resolutions and devices. Inevitably, because the plugin is new, the number of compatible themes will increase over time.

Notwithstanding, the CSS Hero plugin can be used on a wide range of popular frameworks and themes. Examples include Stargazer, Genesis and Thematic – to name a few. In particular, webmasters who like the Studiopress themes and Genesis framework will find this plugin an attractive option.

When you change your theme’s code using the CSS Hero plugin, you can export those changes easily to a different website, with a click of the mouse. This is helpful if you want to transfer a customized design to a website that belongs to a client. Therefore, you can migrate the amended theme for use elsewhere, without being tied to the plugin. As far as the pricing goes, the plugin is $29.00 for use on one website, $59.00 for use on five websites, and $149.00 for use on twenty-five websites. Twelve months of free updates are offered on each of these pricing plans.

CSS Hero Review Conclusion

The CSSHero plugin is a ground breaking tool, which has the potential to transform the way website developers and designers carry out their work. The plugin comes with comprehensive instructions, so you should not experience any problems when installing or using it. If you are a webmaster who struggles with site design, this plugin is ideal, because it removes all of the technical barriers. However, even if you are a competent designer, this plugin will make your job considerably easier.

To check out CSSHero now, just follow this link.

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