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So you want to know how to start a fashion blog? It’s a fun, demanding, and creative way to show your style to the world. Gone are the days when we relied on print fashion magazines to get our style tidbits. Now, we can peek inside the closets of fashionistas the world over through fashion blogs. You too can show your style and open up incredible opportunities for yourself by blogging. If you want to start a fashion blog and become a successful fashion blogger, these tips will help you to get started and succeed.

How to Start A Fashion Blog and Get Paid - Infographic

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After all, running a successful blog can show future clients or employers that you have the dedication, web, and marketing savvy to thrive in media and fashion. You’ll also build a valuable list of achievements if you keep at it. Some fashion bloggers get featured in print magazines, and even get invited by retailers as VIPs to fashion events.

1. Your Domain, Your Brand

Don’t dress for the job you have, but for the one you want. In other words, you really should get your own domain and URL. Sure, you could start on a blogger blog or Tumblr, but trying to migrate your site to your own URL later will only bring you headaches. You’ll have to get your posts moved over, update basically the whole internet on your new location, and try to keep your rankings in Google — yeah, you don’t want to go there. Don’t worry, domains are pretty cheap — about $9-12 a year. Just hop over to GoDaddy to get one — you can get 32% off new orders. If you get their hosting, which you’ll need anyway, you may be able to get a free domain name. Start right and brand yourself from the beginning.

How will you decide on a name? Well, that’s where your creativity comes in. Focus on something that’s unique and memorable. You’re not focusing on keywords like “fashion” or “blog”. Try to get something brandable, and think about if there’s anything about your style that gives you a twist or unique angle.

Inspiration! Example Fashion and Beauty Blogs:

2. Your Blog’s Layout

Feminine WP Theme for Fashion and Style Blog

The Isabelle WordPress Theme is one example of a good fashion blog site template.


Once you’ve got your domain name and hosting, you can install WordPress. Most hosts, including GoDaddy, have an option to automatically install WordPress with the click of a button. (In my case, I use WPEngine, which is managed hosting specifically for WordPress, but it can be a little more pricy and may be more than you need now.)

The cool thing about blogs, especially blogs using the free WordPress platform, is that you can easily change the look and layout anytime. It’s a good idea to start out with something that looks good so you can look the part and start getting people interested. WordPress themes are cheap (usually anywhere from $20-50) and a great investment as opposed to hiring a web designer and dishing out thousands of dollars.

Next, you can browse through premium WordPress themes to find something suiting. Most themes nowadays come with a simple theme customizer so you can modify everything with simple clicks. You can add custom backgrounds, your logo, a favicon, and change fonts. For ideas, take a look through these theme collections:

Once you’ve chosen a WordPress theme,  but also get someone to help you to make a fitting logo. If you can make one, awesome, or you can try eLance or Fiverr to hire someone for cheap.

3. Hone Your Style

Fashion Blogger Closet Hone Your Style

Image Credit: WeHeartIt

If you can differentiate yourself from other fashion bloggers somehow, that’s all the better. Spending some time thinking about your unique style will not only help you come up with a name, but plan future posts and promotion. If possible, you should use an angle that sets you apart from the other fashion bloggers and hopefuls out there. If you have something unique, you’re halfway there. Is there something about you or your style you could play up?

For example:

  • Curvy fashion lover: Curvy women will enjoy seeing how you style your outfits.
  • Redhead: It might sound silly, but flattering color schemes for your hair and complexion could interest other gingers.
  • Or maybe you just have a particular style sense: City chic, subcultural, or bohemian.
  • Student on a budget who can offer tips to the same?

So get to brainstorming because it will help you brand yourself, come up with topics to post about, and more.

4. Brush Up Your Photo Skills

A flat lay of garments and accessories from Coconut, Lemon and Lime.

A flat lay of garments and accessories from Coconut, Lemon and Lime.

Work with whatever you can, but you may want to invest in a good camera now, especially a good DSLR. Beautiful images with good lighting and style are what get your blog noticed. The  easiest thing is to learn to work with natural lighting to get great photos every time. Experiment with windows, outdoor locations, and different times of day. Slightly overcast days can create flattering photos. It doesn’t hurt to have someone to help you take pictures of yourself who knows what they’re doing, either!

Another tip is that you may want to develop consistency in how your photos are displayed, i.e. some fashion bloggers consistently use the same frame for their photos, or reuse the same surface for flat lays. Use an application for collaging photos together. You may want to learn to use a lightbox or something similar so you can take photos of flat garments. However, it’s not necessary if you have a nice surface with good natural lighting, like Coconut, Lemon and Lime.

Learn how to use text and graphic programs like Photoshop. After all…

5. Pinteresting Pictures Go Viral

Pinterest for Fashion Bloggers & Blogging

Image Credit: Pinterest

Images with text are very popular on Pinterest. The same goes for anything when presented in Infographic form. When these get pinned on Pinterest, a trickle can become a landslide fast. This means they can make your posts go VIRAL and send a ton of traffic your way for a long time after the post. So leverage these tools to make your blog posts last. Having lots of pins also sends positive signals to Google, especially when other bloggers find your image and decide to link back to you, giving you “Google Juice”. Try making infographics or just adding some text to your photos (“Outfit of the Day”, “Summer 2014 Trends”, “How to Wear Red”, etc.)

Tip: Images that are tall get more real estate on Pinterest’s pinboards and are popular.

6.Work Your Social Media

A smart phone is a good investment, because being able to easily update Instagram and Twitter will keep your readers engaged even when you can’t post. Cross-post these images to your social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google +) and get them shared. Be sure to have your website clearly displayed in your About Me section. This will help new readers find you. Visual websites and social apps are the absolute best for fashion bloggers.

7. Plan for Good Content

So you’ve got the whole photos thing down, and you’ve got a great sense of style. But you don’t just want to know how to start a fashion blog, you want to know how to keep that blog going! So you’ve got to do a little brainstorming and planning.

Be a Fashion BloggerTIP 1

Try making an editorial calendar. This is where you “budget” your time and blog space by planning what you’ll write about. This is especially important when it comes to a seasonal topic like fashion. This can divide up how you’ll spend your week or even how you’ll spend your year.


Not everything is seasonal. Stuff that’s always interesting, like beauty and makeup tutorials, is evergreen content and will get you a lot of mileage per blog post. These are great posts for your Pinterest and Infographic style images, too.

 TIP 3

Incorporate your excursions into blog posts. Plan visits to boutiques, fashion shows, etc. and have your camera handy. These will make great blog posts.



  • Outfit of the Day
  • Hair tutorials
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Mix and match
  • Different ways to wear an item (like a scarf, for example)
  • How to DIY an accessory or some other style element
  • Going shopping at a cool boutique? Bring along a camera and take pictures of their displays. (Get their permission first). This is a win-win. It gives the boutique publicity and it also makes other boutiques want to be featured too. Keep this up and they’ll be knocking at your door instead (figuratively). This opens the gates to all kinds of good things.
  • Similarly, post reviews of products. Again, keep this up and sponsors will be coming to you and potentially sending you freebies to review.

8. Network Often

You want people to know you’re out there, so start getting active in the fashion blogosphere. Don’t be shy — take action! Leave comments on other fashion bloggers posts to stay engaged and also drive new traffic to your site. And if you link to their posts, and let them know, they might do the same for you. That will give you valuable backlinks (Google loves them) that increase the authority of your blog.

Learn to write e-mails and develop relationships with people. You can partner up with them. This will also help you treat your fashion blog like a business, and empower you with the skills you need to talk to advertisers and other potential partners. This will get you into the groove of being professional and marketing yourself.

9. How to Start A Fashion Blog and MAKE MONEY

Ah yes, as if styling outfits and blogging about it weren’t fun enough! But let’s face it, you want to be able to pay for what you love to do, and find out how to start a fashion blog and make money. Problem is, you may be wondering exactly how fashion bloggers make money. Well, there are actually several ways and many possibilities.

How do Fashion Bloggers Make Money?

Image Credit: TaxCredits.net

Ad Networks

The most obvious is through simple advertising space on your blog. You can join Google Adsense to get relevant ads to place in your blog. You will earn a referral fee every time someone clicks on the ad. Always choose a large ad size that can display text AND graphics, as these get the most click-throughs.

Another popular ad network is BuySellAds. I’ve seen fashion bloggers use it, but I have not tried this program.

Sell Your Own Advertising

You can also sell advertising space yourself: Once you’ve got a good readership going, create an advertising page in your WordPress admin. This page should provide details about your daily and monthly traffic, unique visitors, and the typical demographic of your readers and what they tend to be interested in. Then you can show some example ad sizes, where they will be, and how much they cost per month. Include a contact form on the page.

Affiliate Programs

The idea of affiliate marketing is that if you mention a product, you can link to it using a special affiliate link and get paid a nice commission every time someone buys using your link. For example:

  • Lush Cosmetics
  • ModCloth
  • ShoeDazzle
  • Cents of Style
  • Waxing poetic
  • Flirty Aprons

The above are examples of retailers that have affiliate programs through ShareASale. It’s easy to sign up and search for other merchants. There are TONS of them.

You can also join the Amazon Associate program and earn commissions on sales through Amazon.

Do you have any other ideas?

10. Have Fun and Get Blogging!

Blog About Fashion

Image Credit: Flickr

What it all comes down to is that fashion blogging is all about following your inspiration. That’s where the true creative process lies! I’m sure you have your own tastes and sense of style, and possibly already have a few favorite fashion blogs. Look to them, look at runway shows, get involved in the fashion community and look all around you because inspiration is everywhere. If you love fashion, beauty and style, you will find the motivation to make your blog succeed and enjoy every minute of it.

I hope these tips helped you in learning how to start a fashion blog! If there’s anything you can add, please let our readers know in the comments!


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