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How to Tell What WordPress Theme a Site is Using

Our WordPress Theme Finder is a free web tool that will give you the details you need about what WordPress theme and plugins a site is using. Try it out! Just enter the URL of the website in the form above and click “Find Theme”. Our results will instantly tell you the WordPress theme the site is using, or if the site is not run on WordPress at all. This tool works for both WordPress.org themes and WordPress.com themes.

How to tell what wordpress theme a site is using

What WordPress Theme is That?

It happens to a lot of businesses and bloggers. You come across a website so attractive, you have to know, “What WordPress theme is that?” After all, WordPress is a popular platform that works incredibly well, and thousands of themes are available for it. Some of those themes are more powerful and flexible, or just more beautiful, than usual.

Now that question is easy to answer with this free WordPress theme checking tool at SmashThemes. This tool was created in 2013 to detect premium WordPress themes as well as the free themes at WordPress.org.

What if it’s a Custom WordPress Theme?

Most professional businesses and bloggers will have their theme custom-made for them by a designer. That’s okay too — these designers usually are detectable too. Theme Checker will tell you who the designer is if you wish to inquire with them about getting a theme made with a similar look to the one you like.

Of course, a site owner can customize their own theme to look a thousand different ways, too. That’s also part of the beauty of WordPress. You can put your individuality and branding on your theme. That’s why it’s important to look for certain factors in a good WordPress theme first:

It’s About Functionality

That’s why if you see a theme you like, the things to look for are based on functionality and design, but not particular design elements. For example, does the theme have a post layout you like? Does it display posts in a grid, or post by post? Is the layout of the wireframe clean, spacious, and attractive? Does it look equally food on your desktop, mobile device, or tablet?

Customizing Your WordPress Theme

Once you know a theme’s basic functionality suits your needs, you can work from there. WordPress allows you to customize your homepage, logo, colors, fonts, and just about anything if you know how. Some of this is easy to do with the built-in WordPress theme customizer. And beyond that, most pro theme creators have their own theme customizers built in for adding ad space, icons, colors, and more.

What if the Theme Isn’t Found?

Some websites deliberately mask this information in their source data for the purpose of keeping the WordPress theme they’re using a secret.

Still Looking for a Theme?

After you found out what WordPress theme a site is using, were you still not sure? That’s okay; there are so many themes being created every day. Here at SmashThemes, I collect and curate my favorite themes and what I consider to be the best themes out there as they become available. You can view all my collections here, or browse the list below.