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There is usually a lot of fuss about getting businesses online. Website Development sounds like a fairly technical job suited for web developers. Well, that’s not always the case. Though web developers and designers know their job best, static 3-5 page websites for small to medium businesses can be created by anybody who is net savvy. It is easier than it sounds.

DIY websites are not that bad. But sometimes, while one is at it, they can get pretty annoying if you miss out on major details.

The three major web essentials for any website are as follows;

Logo: Your Logo Speaks for You

When you start the task of creating a website, the logo plays an important role. The logo determines the look and feel of the website. A website made in sharp contrast with the logo colors will not go well with the users and it will negatively impact the brand image. Before you get into the ‘create a website’ mode, the logo files need to be present as a soft copy in.png or.jpeg formats.

100crestslogos_featuredimage_Smartybundles-278x188There are times when you do not have a soft copy of the logo or your company logo is not well designed or you do not have a logo at all. The Internet is there to help you. There are plenty of logo template websites available which can help you design your own logo without the knowledge of Corel Draw, Photoshop or any of the logo designing applications. Here is one such collection at a pretty affordable price from DealFuel.com.


Theme selection can be a little daunting. One can get a lot to choose from on the net. WordPress itself offers a varied quantity of free and premium website design themes. Choosing the right theme is very important. There is always a strong brand recall when users have initially seen your logo and then when they land on your website and see similar colors and imagery. Choosing a theme that has a different look and feel from that of your brand is highly risky and can lead to a reverse action.

Look and Feel

Small and large images, vectors and textures really help enliven a website. A website should be interactive and usable. Get yourself in the user’s shoes. What will you want to see? There are many web design elements that are available on the net. To aid readability and usability, you can add various call to action buttons, navigation icons and social media icons.

Lastly, it is very important that you know your Target Audience well and know how they behave. Doing test runs would be helpful. Do not forget, the power of the Internet is at your disposal! Happy Website Building!

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