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WordPress Mobile App Themes are all about showcasing your app’s best features, and converting your traffic into buyers. That’s why they’re also know as WordPress mobile app landing pages. Their job is simple, right? Well, we’re going to show you why design details can make all the difference.

  • An attention-grabbing header pulls your visitor in right away
  • Buttons in the header that link to the App Store convert to buyers
  • Features will show your visitors why they need your mobile app

Just take a look through the following list of WordPress mobile app themes we’ve compiled. These are, in our opinion, the absolute best out there from hundreds of developers and dozens of sellers and marketplaces. You’re sure to get inspired and find something perfect for your smartphone, iPhone, or other mobile app.

Best WordPress Mobile App Themes 2016

Best WordPress Mobile App Themes 2014

1. Landy

Landy has several home layouts, animated scrolling, and a super smooth look and feel. It has features that include video backgrounds if wanted. I’d say this is the ultra-modern, professional landing page for an equally good app.

Landy WordPress Theme for Mobile Apps

Demo / Download

2. Tapptastic

Tapptastic is a responsive WordPress theme for smartphone developers that need to promote their iPad, iPhone or Android mobile apps. Tapptastic comes with a cool animated slider, that can display a lot of media types, including images and video. The animations can be customized by changing a few parameters, making it very powerful and original.

Tapptastic WordPress Theme for Mobile App Developers

Demo / Download

3. AppTheme

AppTheme is a corporate portfolio theme that is built to help you and your company showcase your work. With ability to showcase a single app, a portfolio of projects, services and testimonials, AppTheme is customizable so you can choose which sections to show users in order to get new customers.

AppTheme WordPress theme

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4. Fusion

Fusion is a sleek and flashy theme that melds fun and professionalism into one awesome package. Great for startups, tech companies or design firms, this theme will impress your visitors with its cutting edge style. The theme also comes packaged with tons of great features, such as responsive design, custom background images and more! Note: When you buy this theme, you also get access to 87 other high quality, premium themes.

Fusion Theme Elegant Themes

Demo / Download

5. Bluap

The Bluap WordPress Theme is the definitive app showcase theme. Built with a powerful, responsive design so not only will your website look great on a desktop  or mobile, it is also lightweight and will load quick as a flash. Features animations and an image background if desired.

Bluap WordPress Mobile App Themes

Demo / Download

6. AppsPro Tech

Sometimes restraint is key to creating an effective WordPress blog or personal website; a clean, accessible design puts the focus on what you have to offer instead of overloading visitors with information. But that doesn’t mean that you must lack style, and with AppsPro Tech premium WordPress theme, you can have it all.

Apps Pro Tech AppsProTech GavickPro Theme

Demo / Download

7. Awesome App

The Awesome App WordPress Theme is a great one page theme to showcase your app, software, tool, or any other product or service you provide.

Awesome App WordPress theme

Demo / Download

8. Mobilee

Mobilee is a flat, attractive mobile app showcase theme for WordPress. We love its simplicity. You can change the colors with an unlimited color picker. Both the App Store and Google Play are supported, just in case you have two versions of your app.

mobilee wordpress theme for mobile app showcase

Demo / Download

9. BeepApp

BeepApp is a lovely iPhone app or other mobile app WordPress theme. The parallax effect gives an additional zest to the whole design. Accordion, Carousel, Isotope sliders are used in this theme for wrapping blocks of information and presenting them in easy-to-perceive manner for the viewers. Multicolored rounded icons stress the key features of the product list. This well-documented theme is perfectly tailored for software companies presenting a variety of products online.

iPhone App WordPress theme

Demo / Download

10. Smart Development

Smart Development is a mobile app WordPress theme with a fresh feel. The smartphone (iPhone) image in the header declares what your mobile app website is about right away. Large fonts and opt-ins help increase conversions. A well-designed content area allows you to reveal features of your application attracting more serious customers. This WordPress mobile app theme is also highly rated in the reviews.

SmartDevelopment Template Monster mobile app theme

Demo / Download

11. Moco

We love this mobile app showcase theme because it uses a horizontal smartphone in the demo version! It also integrates a clear button linking to the App store so your visitors can purchase your application right away. Overall, Moco is a unique theme!

iphone app wordpress theme

Demo / Download

12. iPhone App

iPhone App utilizes tabbed content and a features slider to get your mobile app the attention it deserves. Create & manage your out of the box iPhone Application website easily in WordPress.

iPhone App WordPress theme smartphone application

Demo / Download

13. Coming Soon

Coming Soon is a placeholder template that can also work as asimple one-page mobile app website. Showcase your product in one single page with featured image and description on the right. Lots of iPhone App websites are built this way. You can use this theme to create a website just like that.

coming soon mobile app website template site

Demo / Download

14. CleanApp

CleanApp is a gorgeously modern and professional, flat WordPress landing page for mobile app sites. I love the way you can showcase your app’s features right on the homepage. You also have plenty of space for displaying testimonials, and more!

CleanApp WordPress Theme

Demo / Download

15. Lotek

Lotek is amazing smooth and clean, with beautiful scrolling animations and clean effects. Check it out, because the demo site has four sample layouts and they’re all beautiful. I would highly recommend this not just for mobile apps, but a landing page in any sector.

Lotek Mobile App Landing Page WordPress Theme

Demo / Download

16. MO

Bring your app or other creative work under the spotlight with this lightweight, responsive app WordPress theme, available here. Developers and designers alike can benefit from the wide-range of options that will help make your site unique.

To keep load times to a minimum, MO utilizes flat-design concepts that rely almost entirely on CSS. Also included are a selection of vector icons and illustrations, such as iPad mini and iPhone mockups, with several minimalist yet effective icons from the kind folks at Pixel Love.

Wordpress Mobile App Themes

Demo / Download

17. Applay

Applay is a WordPress theme not only suited as an app landing page, but it also works as an app store for showing all of your or your group’s apps. It has 389 sales and a five-star (4.96) rating based on 27 ratings!


Demo / Download

18. Rocket App

The Rocket App theme is a super professional and modern looking app theme. Love it. Highly recommended.

Rocket App WordPress Theme for Mobile Apps

Demo / Download

19. Cian

Cian is a professional and popular theme with a 5.0 star average rating at the time of adding it to this list. It has Parallax effects, mail chimp integration and many other great features.

Cian WP Theme

Demo / Download

20. Appy

Appy is a mobile app landing page with pop. The bold look makes it easy for your audience to scan for information and make a purchasing decision.

Appy WP Mobile App Theme

Demo / Download

Best WordPress Mobile App Themes Conclusion

That’s it for now! We’ll keep updating this page as we find more great WordPress mobile app themes for mobile, smartphone, and iPhone app developers. Enjoy!



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